Hannah Tasker

Comment: On holiday? Don’t tell social media

Social media has infiltrated just about every aspect of our lives. From selfie sharing to cat memes, often these public platforms appear harmless. However, at First Complete and Pink, we are taking a look into how social media might be causing a potential threat to your clients and their insurance policies. Have you ever uploaded […]

Opinion: Extreme weather means brokers have a job to do

Dominating the current news agenda is the damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Irma and, closer to home, Storm Ophelia. As extreme weather conditions continue to rampage across the world, at First Complete and Pink it has prompted us to reflect on the very significant impact that climate change is having on the insurance industry. […]

Insurance Review: Keep clients apprised of benefits

Against the backdrop of the drastic changes in insurance premium tax, brokers play a vital role in advising consumers Insurance is a basic financial safety net for millions of people but, with the latest rise in insurance premium tax and the FCA’s renewal transparency rules recently coming into effect, the affordability and quality of cover […]

Comment: Transparent is good; invisible is bad

Under the insurance renewal transparency rules, consumers may choose to shop around and speak directly with providers The FCA’s new transparency rules, which came into force on 1 April, are set to shake up the insurance industry. The renewal transparency rules require providers to give customers more information about the annual rise in premiums before […]

Insurance Review: Plug the leaks in home insurance

Brokers have a responsibility to invest time in educating their clients about ‘trace and access cover’ in the event of leaks After an unseasonably warm December, more recently many people will have been turning their central heating back on. Some of them, however, will have found their water pipes deteriorated since last winter and may […]