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Network Review: Small, but positive change

Welcome to a brand-new year and a brand new quarter, with limitless possibilities for everyone and the chance to make a real difference to your life and the life of everyone around you… as my brother’s life coach would say. Back here on earth, however, the first thing that springs at one from the figures […]

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Network Review: Third quarter stable despite uncertainties

Here we are again, looking at the recruitment efforts of our basket of mortgage networks. This time we take a look at the third quarter of 2018. Before going any further, the usual caveat applies: these figures, taken from the FCA register were correct on the day on compilation. However, retrospective changes within the register […]


Network Review: Political turmoil not hitting AR figures

So here we are with the networks’ recruitment performance figures again, this time for the second quarter of 2017. It’s been a strange quarter in political terms, with a disastrous snap election by the Conservatives compounding the uncertainty regarding the countries financial situation. Amazingly this doesn’t seem to have any adverse effect of appointed representative […]


Network Review: One heck of a year

The numbers show the resilience of financial services and the fact mortgage broking as a career is becoming popular again Despite the bombshells of both Brexit and Trump, 2016 was an extraordinary year for financial services. Predictions from a multitude of experts that we would immediately fall off a cliff following the EU referendum proved […]


Network Review: Buoyant market

  Reflecting on the third quarter, there has been quite a bit of stuff attributed to Brexit. However, overall the feedback I’m getting from brokers is that the market is quite buoyant and most people’s business, if not exactly booming, is certainly doing OK. This is a sentiment borne out by the increasing number of […]


Network Review: Glass half full, or glass half empty

Performance figures are down across the board, but a glance behind the numbers reveals that it is not all bad news The general performance of networks in terms of recruitment figures has, much to my surprise, not been that rosy this quarter. This information comes from the FCA’s register on its website and is an […]


Network Review: The biggest winners and losers in 2015

Last year was unusually tempestuous for network recruitment, with huge gains and even huger losses The FCA’s recruitment league table for mortgage networks in 2015 makes for interesting reading. In light of some recent changes, however, I want to run through the limitations of the data before I get to the meat of it. One […]