Emma Lunn

Leasehold: a Mortgage Strategy investigation

As the current government and Labour have both announced plans to tackle the on-going leasehold issue in recent weeks, a Mortgage Strategy investigation, headed by Emma Lunn, has revealed the need for urgent reform. Companies such as Taylor Wimpey, Morris Homes, Bellway, E&J Estates, Ground Rents Income Fund plc and Wallace Partnership Group have signed a […]

News Analysis: Leaseholders trapped into paying spiralling charges

Developers accused of duping buyers over punitive clauses in freeholds News that the Competition and Markets Authority will investigate mis-selling claims in the leasehold sector has been welcomed by leaseholders and campaign groups. But is this the right course of action – and what should developers do to put things right? Stories of mis-selling have […]


Cover feature: Clamping down on leasehold

As ministers launch another consultation into leasehold abuse, Emma Lunn asks if enough is being done to support those struggling under onerous ground rents. Leasehold has repeatedly hit the headlines over the past couple of years, not just in the trade press but national newspapers too. Issues with this type of property ownership have led […]


“BTL is not dead – just more professional”: MS Leaders

The buy-to-let market will become more professional with ‘dinner party’ landlords edged out, according to a panel of experts at the Mortgage Strategy Leaders Forum. The panel were unanimous in their opinion that changes to the buy-to-let tax regime coupled with new rules about portfolio sizes and, more recently, houses in multiple occupation would see […]


Industry speculates on Brexit impact

As Teresa May headed for Brussels for crucial Brexit negotiations, mortgage industry experts were confident a deal could be done – but probably not today. While the Prime Minister thrashed out the details of a Brexit deal with European leaders, a panel discussion at the Mortgage Strategy Leaders Forum examined how Brexit would affect the […]


Tax break for “good landlords” possibility in Autumn Budget

Landlords could be offered a “good landlord” tax break if they sell homes to sitting tenants, according to pre-budget rumours. Under the proposal, suggested by right-wing thinktank Onward, landlords would not have to pay capital gains tax when selling up to tenants who had been living in a property for at least three years. Onward […]

Brits call for more homes to be built

The public wants more houses built and for house prices to be lower, according to a survey by Comres for the Centre for Policy Studies. The study found that 48 per cent of people would support new homes being built in their area, with 33 per cent opposing new homes. This pattern holds true across […]