Deji Sodipe

Digital Content Producer

Editor’s foreward – A mature approach needed

With the average life expectancy having risen considerably and mortgage lending requirements extending well into borrowers’ 60s and 70s, it has been encouraging to see several lenders step up to meet changing demands, particularly specialists and smaller providers such as building societies. Maximum borrowing ages have been increased by many providers and a gradual increase in innovation in […]


Ageing population means lenders need to innovate

Guy Anker looks at the growth in home loans to older customers and maps out how the market is likely to develop in future A loosening of regulatory shackles and innovation from smaller lenders means older borrowers have more choice when looking for a mortgage in their later lives. However, the acceleration is still in first […]


Borrowers need options well beyond their 65th birthday

As the retirement age climbs and parents look to help offspring on to the housing ladder, mortgage models are changing. Natalie Thomas reports Life might begin at 65 but historically for many borrowers this has been when their mortgage options came to an end. Reaching retirement used to indicate a time to don the slippers and […]


Borrowing into older age: A necessity or simply a change in population?

In November 2015, when we launched our first report into lending into retirement, I was frequently asked why we were bothering to put effort into a niche market. Even then, there was evidence of a growing need from consumers to borrow into older age. The reasons were many and varied, ranging from expats coming home to […]