Bob Young

Comment: We don’t need no rent control

It was David Brent in The Office who uttered the immortal, and utterly bemusing, line, “A good idea is a good idea forever.” By that logic, “A bad idea is a bad idea forever”, however it would seem that when it comes to the private rental sector, that doesn’t stop would-be governments or potential policy-makers […]

Comment: Politicians need to get moving

Property policies have not had required effect, so it’s time for new ideas When it comes to the UK housing market, politicians’ fingerprints are all over it. Even if it appears the only game in town right now is Brexit, there is work going on behind the scenes that means intervention is ever-present. For instance, […]

Comment: Don’t listen to the scare stories

Talk of a doomsday scenario in buy-to-let is not supported by the facts. Given the (perhaps deliberate) misreporting around Bank of England governor Mark Carney’s pre-Brexit presentation to the Cabinet, with the suggestion he is anticipating a 30 per cent drop in house prices, it has been unsurprising to see an increasing number of commentators […]

Comment: Whatever happens, we’ll survive

The sector has inbuilt resilience and will succeed in a post-Brexit world. There is a lot of nervousness around what the future might look like for the UK economy and mortgage market, given the way Brexit negotiations are going. At the time of writing, we are told by prime minister Theresa May that a deal […]

Comment: Where will the MOT buck stop?

Landlords and tenants must share responsibility for property standards. The suggestion of a “property MOT” for private rental homes has recently hit the headlines. On the face of it, a regular 12-month review to ensure the home meets required standards seems difficult to argue against. Of course, most landlords who use letting agents will get […]

Comment: Housing market is riding the wave

Ignore what the results may say – it’s taking challenges in its stride The recent raft of house price indices appears to be the usual mixed bag, with different methodologies and data sets delivering different results. However, many of the comments suggest the UK market is on something of an inevitable downward spiral. The truth […]