Bob Hunt

Opinion: The mortgage revolution is unfolding

Technology, all Mortgage Strategy readers will agree, is fundamentally reshaping the business world — and our sector is not immune to this change. The new technologies emerging are based on a combination of open banking, big data and machine learning and will, in the medium-term, turn how mortgages are secured firmly on its head. It’s not […]

Comment: Long-term fixes fail to catch on

A fluid mortgage market means that long-term deals are unlikely to jump in popularity soon, especially in this era of economic uncertainty The debate around the benefits (or otherwise) of longer-term fixed rates is one that raises its head regularly. Ever since then-chancellor Gordon Brown decided he would be the man to end “boom and […]


Comment: ‘Go compare’ is not so ‘simples’

The FCA means well but comparing advice firms is fraught with issues. To hear the FCA talk about the quality of advice firms and providing consumers with a useful way to compare them seems right, but the big questions around how it proposes to do this may not deliver the answers we would like to […]

Technology must ease broker buy-to-let burden: Bob Hunt

Standardisation within the lender market has always been something of a tricky ask, certainly when it comes to the introduction of new regulatory rules. Over the years, lenders have often chosen to interpret new rules very differently – as is their right – however widely varying approaches does mean that advisers need to get to […]


Lenders need to walk the walk with retention proc fees: Hunt

The time for prevarication on retention proc fees is over. Those that continue not to pay risk looking like dinosaurs My colleague, John Coffield, recently made headlines when he appeared on the expert panel at last month’s FSE Wales exhibition. John was asked to talk about the payment of procuration fees by lenders, especially their […]

Borrowers need choice on free legals: Bob Hunt

There are arguments for and against free legals but better communication would help clients make an informed choice The letters page of this publication is not often the scene of mass agreement on an issue. But the recent adviser views proffered on the use of free legals and the performance of certain conveyancing firms provided […]

Comment: Politicians not facing up to ageing population

Given the demographic with the most housing wealth, do we need a much greater inter-generational approach to housing? Policymakers have been notoriously poor at taking a long-term approach to major national issues. Three that immediately spring to mind are housing supply, pension provision and how we pay for long-term care. Interestingly, these are all tied […]

Comment: Buy-to-let uncertainty is not over yet

Has the chancellor laid the groundwork for changes for those using limited company vehicles to purchase buy-to-lets? How has Q1 been for you? I think things have started relatively well. Transaction numbers are holding up, lender competition remains strong and there is a level of diversification not witnessed for some time, particularly among building societies. […]