Benson Hersch

Bridging Watch: Patience could pay in the long term

Loan applications totalled more than £5.96bn in Q1 2019, yet with a drop in completions, lenders must exercise caution in a sluggish market As with many other industries, these are interesting times for bridging. The market is growing and there is significant appetite to lend from traditional bridging lenders and new institutions, but property transactions […]

Bridging Watch: Cometh the hour…

A willingness to roll up sleeves to puzzle out solutions distinguishes bridging from the mainstream, and may even save us all from chaos…

Bridging Watch: Market positive despite headwinds

As competition in the sector continues to grow, lenders should seize opportunities while resisting overconfidence Prime Minister Theresa May has officially served the Brexit divorce papers and we are in the ‘Phoney War’ stage. Despite posturing to the contrary, there is goodwill on both sides and, by and large, economic news has been positive. The […]

UK property sector an imperfect market, writes Benson Hersch

The UK property sector is an imperfect market and the housing white paper has raised more questions than answers Philosopher John Locke is credited as being the first to postulate the so-called law of supply and demand. He argued that the free-market economy should set interest rates because government regulation could have unintended consequences. He […]

Comment: Mission impeccable

The FCA has concerns about unregulated activities but all firms that operate fairly should have nothing to fear There has been much talk about the FCA’s consultation on a mission statement, particularly regarding its potential intervention in unregulated activities. While some people have taken this to mean unregulated bridging will now come under the regulator’s […]

Bridging on its way to being mainstream

As long as the exit is clear and underwriting is professionally done, bridging is now an established part of the finance market Bridging in its purest form was originally marketed as a chain-break solution. If you sold your home and bought a new one, only to find that completion of the sale of the previous […]

Is the proposed trade body merger a good idea?

There is much to be said for co-operation between trade bodies but separate representation also has its place. Following the Financial Services Trade Association Review in July last year, moves are afoot to merge trade bodies including the British Banking Association and the Council of Mortgage Lenders, along with others unrelated to our sector, but […]

ASTL: Bridging sector may trip over MCD

The classification of a bridging loan as less than 12 months is just one detail that may catch out the unwary The majority of the bridging industry is not expecting to be affected by the Mortgage Credit Directive. However, there is a chance that it will be. Of course, the MCD applies only to loans […]