Analysis: Beat comparison sites at their own game


On noting the return of the famously irritating opera singer featured in the advertising campaign of a well-known comparison website, I wondered why such sites go to the trouble of advertising when often they seem to get a helping hand from the consumer press. 

Indeed, in recent weeks both Which? and a prominent current affairs publication have published articles praising comparison sites for helping customers to get the best deal. 

These stories worry me greatly. As industry reports have shown, comparison sites have plenty of flaws and I do not think consumers are aware of them. Aside from issues such as potential bias towards products offered by their ‘silent’ owners, these sites cannot offer the same service as brokers when sourcing something as important as home insurance.

Unfortunately, consumers think they must be getting the best deal because they can see the comparison in front of them (even if the site is unclear on what it should compare).

But brokers can benefit by utilising these whole-of-market, free, ‘industry-accredited’ comparison tools to compete with, and indeed beat, aggregators with their advice.