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Advert regulator rejects guide prices complaint

The advertising regulator has rejected a complaint that the listed ‘guide prices’ on an property auction catalogue were mis-leading.

The complaint had been levied against Cottons Chartered Surveyors, a Birmingham-based company.

The issues centred around the company’s catalogue for its property auction last May. The complainant argued that as properties typically sold for 25 per cent more than the minimum of the guide price ranges these  figures were mis-leading.

Cottons said that their auction catalogues contained clear definitions of both their guide and reserve prices.

The company said while they did their “utmost” to provide an accurate guide price –  based on all factors affecting a property, and the seller’s genuine minimum price expectations – it could not predict the effect of various factors on the eventual sale price achieved at auction.

This could include competitive bidding on the day, lack of due diligence from potential buyers or interest from parties with special interests, such as those who might own a neighbouring property or be tenants in occupation.

The ASA dismissed the complaint. It said: “Because we noted that Cottons defined guide prices and reserve prices prominently in their catalogues, and that reserve prices always fell within the range of the state guide prices, and that they provided evidence to substantiate their procedures, we concluded that the guide prices were not misleading.”



ASA bans two ‘misleading’ ads from claims firm

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned two “misleading” online adverts from a claims management company which targeted customers of Lloyds Banking Group. The Claims Guys adverts appeared in recipients’ newsfeeds on Facebook. The first advert was headed ‘Bank refund applications’, and stated: “Refunds are being made to many people who have had a Lloyds TSB […]

ASA brands Borro advert irresponsible

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned an advert from pawnbroker Borro that appears to recommend taking out a high-interest loan to fund a holiday.  The ASA had three consumer complaints about the advert, in which a woman claims she can “do so many amazing things” such as start a business, pay school fees and “fly […]

ASA bans Money Shop advert for giving ‘irresponsible’ impression

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned an “irresponsible” television advert from payday lender The Money Shop because it gave the impression that the loans provided were suitable for dealing with ongoing financial concerns. The advert featured a voiceover stating: “Even with the best training, keeping an eye on our money can be a bit of […]


Barclays stiffens criteria for 5x income mortgages

Barclays has increased the income residential mortgage applicants need to get a 5x income multiple from £45,000 to £55,000. Applicants with incomes of less than £55,000 will get income multiples of up to 4.49 x income. The 4.49x figure also applies to those with incomes of more than £50,000 and LTVs of more than 85 […]

Certification guide

Guide: how to… certify your pension scheme

Certification is highly complex and surrounded by a minefield of information and auto-enrolment jargon, which can make it very difficult to understand. However, for many employers it is a necessary process that must be executed successfully.


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