Accord launches two-year fixed remortgage range


Accord has launched a range of fixed-rate remortgage range with rates starting from 1.49 per cent for a two-year fixed at 65 per cent LTV.

The new range includes remortgage products at 65, 75, 80, 85 and 90 per cent LTVs.

At 75 per cent, borrowers can now access a 1.59 per cent two-year fixed rate loan.

At 80 per cent, remortgagors can take out  1.74 per cent two-year fixed mortgage, while at 85 per cent they can have a 1.88 per cent two-year fix.

All the loans have an £845 fee, free standard valuation and free legal service.

Accord national intermediary sales manager David Robinson says: “It is proving to be a popular time for borrowers to remortgage at the moment, with many hoping to make the most of the competitive deals on offer during this period of economic uncertainty.

“We believe that our new remortgage options will prove popular amongst borrowers and the options across the different terms and LTV range, plus the added incentives, will allow brokers to choose the best loan to suit their clients’ requirements.”