Accord launches three-year fix range


Accord Mortgages has launched a range of three-year fixed rate mortgages for house purchase or remortgage.

At 90 per cent LTV borrowers can get a three-year fix at 2.64 per cent or offset at 2.84 per cent, both with a fee of £845.

At 80 per cent LTV borrowers can access a three-year deal at 2.04 per cent or an offset mortgage at 2.24 per cent, with a £845 fee.

Accord, part of Yorkshire Building Society, has also reduced rates on 75, 80, 85 and 95 per cent LTV mortgages for house purchase and remortgage.

The cuts include a 0.15 per cent reduction on two 90 per cent LTV two-year fixes, now available at a rate of 2.29 per cent or an offset offering at 2.49 per cent and both with a fee of £845.

Accord product manager Edward Smith says: “We always try to offer brokers and borrowers a range of options and good, long-term value for money.

“Our new three-year fixes, coupled with rate reductions across our LTV range will allow borrowers to choose a competitive home loan that best suit their needs.”