Accord announces new 10-year fix

Accord Mortgages has launched a new 10-year fixed rate product and cut rates on select high LTV offerings.

The new product is a 75 per cent LTV 10-year fix at 2.49 per cent for purchase and remortgage. The offer includes free standard valuations and has a £495 product fee.

Notable cuts include the lender’s 90 per cent LTV five-year fix, which has been reduced from 2.60 per cent to 2.53 per cent.

Accord has also reduced the 90 per cent LTV five-year fixed rate remortgage product from 2.65 per cent to 2.55 per cent.

The former product includes £1,000 cashback, free valuations and a £495 product fee for borrowers purchasing the property.

Meanwhile, the latter offering has £1,000 cashback, £495 product fee, free legals and free standard valuations.

In addition, the lender has cut its rates on the 95 per cent LTV five-year fix, from 3.52 per cent to 3.42 per cent, and the 95 per cent LTV two-year fixed rate offer, from 3.18 per cent to 3.12 per cent.

Both products include £1,000 cashback, free standard valuation and a £495 product fee.

Furthermore, the 95 per cent LTV two-year fixed rate remortgage product has been reduced from 3.54 per cent to 3.47 per cent. This offering includes £500 cashback, free legals and free valuations.

Accord Mortgages mortgage manager Jemma Anderson comments: “It is a pretty uncertain time at present, so we are delighted to launch the new 10-year fixed rate which we hope will offer brokers with clients seeking stability a product which enables them to manage their longer-term finances.

“We are continually reviewing the range based on broker feedback and as a result, to assist borrowers with a smaller deposit we have improved our higher LTV rates.”



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