60 Seconds with… Dane Shakespeare, manager of telephone BDM team, TSB


In our past two lender surveys, brokers named TSB the best lender outside the top 10, particularly for service. To what do you attribute this success?

TSB was born to challenge the traditional high-street banks by providing better banking and this holds true for our intermediary service. From the outset, our proposition was built on offering great service. We made a promise to launch an ‘expert to expert’ service and our success has been down to doing what we said we would do. Our team of TBDMs have all got previous experience as either brokers or mortgage advisers and we are quick to respond – on average answering calls within six seconds. We have also given brokers direct access to dedicated contacts in our underwriting team.

 What plans do you have for your BDM offering in the coming 12 months?

It is all about consistency. We will keep doing the simple things that really matter well, like answering the phone in seconds, not minutes, and returning calls quickly. Our BDMs will return calls the same day if received before 5pm and all calls are returned within three hours. We also have more ideas to continue helping make brokers’ jobs easier, which we will keep you posted on.

 How has the role of the BDM changed since the crash?

They need a much broader skillset. Not only do we expect our BDMs to understand products and rates but it is important that they are able to assist brokers with policies, procedures and systems. Relationships are more important than ever and we have invested in our BDM team to ensure they have enough time to dedicate themselves to building great relationships from the start. 

 What is the best advice you have received?

 Do the simple things extraordinarily well.

 If you had control of the mortgage market for a day, what would you change?

I would create a Job Swap day where people would shadow their counterparts as I think it would really help to understand how the other half works.

 Do you have any hidden talents?

I am useless at anything mechanical yet I managed to change the oil and oil filter on ‘Matilda’ – my air-cooled T2 VW Campervan – without any spillages.

 What three things would you take for living on a desert island?

‘Matilda’ – she has a very cool fridge for beer; the complete works of Led Zeppelin; and my Scuba diving kit.