Mortgage Mole: Railing against the trains

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Railing against the trains

Even for non-southerners, the sorry state of Southern Rail services cannot be news to many of you. Miserable commuters have been beset by strikes, overcrowding and delayed trains, all at an incalculable cost to individuals and businesses.

But the mortgage industry should take heart that one of their own is fighting the good fight against Southern’s shabby service – Investec’s Peter Izard.


Not only does Peter use Twitter to highlight consumers’ poor deal, but he was spotted lampooning Southern on BBC News by an eagle-eyed Mortgage Strategy reader. Keep wielding the sword of truth, Peter. We’re all with you!

Mud in their eyes

Mole takes off his soil-stained hat to a team of intrepid souls from More2Life, who are tackling the Tough Mudder challenge on 10 September to raise money for Dementia UK.

For those of you not in the know, Tough Mudder is a 10- to 12-mile run through a vicious obstacle course – plus a ton of mud – designed by members of the UK special forces.

The 10 More2Lifers have already raised a stonking £15,000 by cycling in Ride London, holding 10,000km runs and hosting evening balls. Help them to raise even more at:

Brook no opposition

The history of mortgage firms’ sponsorship of football teams is a proud one, with notable past tie-ups including KRBS with Charlton Athletic and Gillingham FC, as well as many other firms sponsoring grassroots football and youth training schemes.


Last week another lender joined the fray. Step forward AToM, whose logo is now proudly emblazoned on the kit of Surrey-based Holbrook FC, known to their legions of fans as ‘The Mighty Brook’. Mole understands the squad is currently laying waste to the middle of the West Sussex Premier League. Good work all!