Trash Talk: ‘Out-passioning’


Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications

Business speak of the week: ‘Out-passioning’

Culprit: Cubitt & West estate agency

Mortgage Monkey realises times are tough for estate agents. Post-Brexit vote anxiety may be giving many buyers cold feet and agents are having to up the ante to generate their normal monthly commission.

Now, it is common knowledge that estate agents speak a very different language from the rest of us – in which a ‘characterful neighbourhood’ generally means one with an above-average incidence of burglaries and stabbings.

But some agents have gone further by dreaming up a new English verb. Monkey was amused to read the marketing literature for Cubitt & West, whose mission is “to be No.1 in every town”. It plans to achieve this by “always out-passioning other agents”.

Monkey doubts if, even in the steamiest of Jilly Cooper novels, the word ‘passion’ has ever been used as a verb – let alone in conjunction with ‘out’.