Mole: Release your inhibitions


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Release your inhibitions

There’s a real buzz in the equity release sector, with many voices ready to sing its praises. But last week Mole heard of an unlikely proponent of the lending type when speaking to More2Life channel marketing director Stuart Wilson.

Mole learned about the exploits of 95-year-old British wingwalker Tom Lackey, who holds the Guinness world record as the oldest person either bold or crazy enough to walk around on top of an in-flight aircraft.

Wilson says Lackey funded his record-breaking stunt through equity release.
For this sector, it seems, the sky really
is the limit.

Trying it on

Mole hardly needs to tell Mortgage Strategy readers that the potential impact of Brexit on the mortgage market has led to endless debate and predictions. But FCA mortgage sector head Lynda Blackwell wants to make one thing clear: firms won’t be able to ignore the Mortgage Credit Directive, whose roots are in Brussels law.

Speaking at the ASTL conference last week, Blackwell said the FCA had been asked by several mortgage firms if the vote to ‘take back control’ meant they could ignore all that pesky extra regulation.

“They can’t,” a weary Blackwell told the crowd.

Print run

Our readers continue to value their weekly fix of printed mortgage news and analysis, as Mole knows. The internet is growing in importance for media sources but something about print still appeals. Plus, of course, a print newspaper is versatile and can be read anywhere, regardless of reception or battery life.

But one Mortgage Strategy reader took the biscuit this week with his novel approach to reading the print magazine.

“I like to read it while on the treadmill at the gym,” the mortgage buff said. Mole admires this clever approach to multi-tasking.

Football association?

james-briggsPrecise Mortgages is blessed to have so many denizens that resemble famous football club managers. Back in March, Mole heard from Precise staff who had noted the many faces of sales director Roger Morris, who bears a striking resemblance not just to former Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti but also to current manager Guus Hiddink.

Mole was amused by a tweet last week from Precise national sales manager James Briggs, whose leg is being pulled about his supposed likeness to Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp. Mole notes the uncanny resemblance.