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Comic relief

Your subterranean sleuth was rather entertained by a cartoon that has been doing the rounds recently.


The artwork riffs off the popular Halifax ‘Top Cat’ adverts to take a good-natured pop at surveyors and underwriters not properly interrogating cases.

This is, of course, a jibe as old as the mortgage market but Mole appreciates the effort by the anonymous creator to refresh the point.


The artist claims the cartoon is “based on a true story”, though Mole suspects certain aspects of the tale may, possibly, be mildly exaggerated, as may the creator’s unquestioning belief in their computer’s spell-checking ability.

Below the belt

Mole was bemused to see an email from a property marketing company drop into his inbox with a rather disconcerting subject line: “We sell crack dens”. Mole couldn’t help falling for the clickbait. Obviously.

The message read: “Hopefully you can tell I’m joking about the crack dens. But we do sell properties that would be perfect for you.”

“Perfect for me?” echoed Mole, not too impressed by the insinuation over his lifestyle.

It turned out the company was trying to sell so-called Below Market Value properties. Aren’t vendors famed for greatly exaggerating the positive attributes of their homes to potential buyers? Mole wonders what this says about the properties in question…

No half-measures

Mole doffs his hat to a team from One77 Mortgages, who will be running the Bristol half-marathon on 25 September.

The team is running on behalf of Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal to support Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital. Mole hears training is going well and they are out beating the streets even when hung-over, such is their dedication to the cause.

The group has already raised more than £2,300 for the children’s hospital, but Mole is sure more of you will be keen to donate, so please do so here: