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Charity clubbers

Well done to West Bromwich Building Society staff for raising £5,863 in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust through their annual golf day.

The competition was staged at The Staffordshire golf club in Wombourne. A total of 22 teams, comprising staff, suppliers and business partners, took part in the competition.

There were prizes for the longest drive and the nearest to the pin on selected holes.

Mole_WBBS golf day

Nic of time

Freelance journalist Nic Cicutti has received lots of mail since the publication online of his column, ‘Mortgage lending rules do not reflect reality’.

There were plenty of angry responses to the article, in which he bemoans the tickbox approach of many lenders, based on his personal experience.

Happily for Nic, not all the communications were critical. One email came directly from a building society boss, offering him a mortgage. That is certainly no tickbox response.

Mole is sure many brokers wish they received such direct contact from lending bosses rather than wasting hours in call queues.

Top tune

Mole was amused to learn from TSB last week that the theme tune from its adverts has been released on Amazon and can be downloaded for 99p, should you feel you do not hear enough of it during your evening viewing.

“It’s the only bank I know of with its advert theme tune rated 5* on Amazon,” an excited spokeswoman told Mole. So he went to check it out.

Indeed, ‘Henry’s Theme’ by Anne Dudley’s Humonics does have five stars. Unfortunately, there is only one review.

Mole is sure the reviewer in question was no relation of the composer, nor on TSB’s payroll.