Your Views: Demonstrate the value of protection

Demonstrate the value of protection and the value of expert advice

I read an article on a well-known consumer finance site this week that was both a help and a hindrance to homeowners.

The piece detailed the things that could leave your insurance invalidated. There were things mentioned that homeowners might never have thought of, such as how leaving your home unoccupied for longer than a month could mean your cover is no longer in place.

As well as being interesting the article offered clear guidance on how to ensure consumers stay within the boundaries of their policy. However, what I don’t think it did sufficiently was outline insurance providers’ roles in all of this. It didn’t detail the wide array of policies that are available and the fact that many differ in quality.

Indeed, it’s not always something a consumer does that stops a policy paying out but, rather, it’s often a case of the policy just not being good enough. Far too many consumers have insurance that just doesn’t suit their needs and this is largely because they haven’t had any sound advice when choosing a policy.

And that’s another thing the article didn’t mention – the benefit of seeking unbiased financial advice before signing up for any financial products, especially protection.

So yes, let’s educate borrowers on how to keep their insurance policy intact but let’s also show the worth of brokers in finding the policy most suited to their needs.
Jason Berry, director of sales, Uinsure

Emergency Budget promised by Osborne has failed to materialise

So the emergency Budget turned out to be an empty threat to sway voters after all, who would have imagined that?

Mr Osborne should step down. How can we have confidence in a Chancellor that threatens and lies to the public in order to sway votes?
Simon Cozzolino, senior consultant, Countrywide Mortgage Services

London needs the house price freeze that Brexit may prompt

Believe it or not there are other places in the UK outside London.

If this decreases London prices from their current obscene levels, bring it on.

And if it rids us of some of the parasites as well, so much the better.
John Lacy, adviser, Moon & Co

A drop in property prices does not make a Leave vote defensible

I think we all noticed that there are other places outside London after this referendum. The ignorance and lack of responsibility shown in many places is baffling, but I do excuse them for believing the Leave campaign lies.

Defending Brexit to get more affordable properties is just plain silly. There are thousands of people who have been working really hard to be able to buy a home in London, and they could face terrible consequences should we get a big drop in property values.

What you need is sensible regulation of the property market and economic development so that we can get wage growth again. Brexit will do the opposite.
‘JT’, replying to John Lacy