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Tenet granted consumer credit licence

21 August 2014 12:20 pm | By Devraj Ray

Network claims it is the first to become fully licensed for consumer credit services.

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  • Poll position

    In Mortgage Strategy’s new quarterly survey, a panel of brokers and networks rank the biggest lenders over the last three months. Do you agree with our panel?

  • E.surv's Richard Sexton lifts the lid on down-valuations

    Down-valuations are often a source of much frustration for brokers and their clients, but e’surv’s Richard Sexton tells how the proportion of properties down-valued is shrinking and shows brokers how they can avoid frustration and disappointment.

  • Brokers: MMR teething problems are finally easing off

    Poor service levels and arduous lending criteria were rife during the early weeks of the MMR but brokers say growing approvals show the “teething problems” are finally easing off. 

  • CML revises lending forecasts following transaction boost

    The CML revises up its 2014 and 2015 forecast but says lending will grow at a more “sedate pace” next year as momentum is hit by “affordability pressure”.

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HML: Make way for new lenders coming on the scene

20 August 2014 | By Steve Rogers, director of securitisation services at HML

Lower securitisation costs will likely attract new lenders to the mortgage market, explains Steve Rogers, director of securitisation services at HML.



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There is no let-up in the demand for refurbishment finance, and lender competition is forcing down the price of bridging loans


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20 August 2014 | By Bob Hunt, Chief Executive, Paradigm


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20 August 2014 | By Paul Smee, director-general, Council Of Mortgage Lenders

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Poll position

20 August 2014 | By Natalie Thomas

In Mortgage Strategy’s new quarterly survey, a panel of brokers and networks rank the biggest lenders over the last three months

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20 August 2014

Precise’s Roger Morris and Atom’s Vic, Dale and Neal Jannels take in a spot of bowling


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20 August 2014

“Thank god they do a printed copy, there’s no bloody signal up here” - David George, Spicerhaart


Media Spotlight: Inside the Fed – Stephen H Axilrod

20 August 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Depending on your view, the US Federal Reserve may just have played the most important role of all in the global financial crisis.

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Do you think the 'teething problems' associated with the first few weeks after the MMR, which saw service levels suffer, have subsided?

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