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Nationwide stops new lending where income is in foreign currency

1 April 2015 12:39 pm | By Paul Thomas

Nationwide has stopped lending to new borrowers who get paid in a foreign currency.

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Careers Insight: The importance of the ‘greenhouse effect’

1 April 2015 | By Clare Jupp, director of people development, Brightstar

How many firms have a system of nurturing staff potential and bringing on ‘young seedlings’, thus growing their own future in-house talent? 


Careers Insight: Recruitment goes beyond CVs

1 April 2015 | By Peter Gwilliam, headhunter, Virtus Search

Headhunting is all about utilising both knowledge of the sector concerned and a deep understanding of how careers are best developed 


Secured Loanwatch: Mindset over matter

1 April 2015 | By Steve Walker, Managing Director, Promise Solutions

While strategies and processes are being reviewed across the industry, one wonders whether culture is being addressed too 


Analysis: Mixed messages get in way of lending

1 April 2015 | By Rob Clifford, director, Moneyquest

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Cover story – MMR: One year, many changes

1 April 2015 | By Samuel Dale

Twelve months on from the MMR, Mortgage Strategy investigates how the biggest regulatory upheaval in a decade has rocked the mortgage market in unexpected ways, both positive and negative

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Caption Winner - 1 April 2015

1 April 2015

“Phil, it’s a Question of Finance” - Roger Ridd, Bank of Ireland

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Will cheaper living costs (inflation) lead to falling mortgage rates?

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