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Gross lending rockets 37% year-on-year

17 April 2014 10:43 am | By Devraj Ray

Mortgage lending is on the rise, driven by increased economic optimism and Government initiatives

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Bridgingwatch: David vs Goliath?

16 April 2014 | By Lucy Hodge, Director of Vantage Finance

With rent rising across the country, including in Scotland, buy-to-let, supported by bridging finance is an ever more attractive option


Stamp-duty reform again has to wait

16 April 2014 | By Harpal Singh, managing director, brokerconveyancing.co.uk

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about recent Budget announcements it’s not to get too excited by any pre-event gossip concerning changes to stamp duty thresholds.


Cross-sales not just for times of crisis

16 April 2014 | By Bob Hunt, Chief Executive, Paradigm

Even in a growing mortgage market I don’t buy the argument that firms no longer need to advise on, and cross-sell, other products.


Obesity impacts on protection

16 April 2014 | By Steve Payne, managing director for protection, Friends Life

There is so much focus on the way we look these days

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Metro world

16 April 2014

Metro Bank’s smiling and dancing M-character exemplifies the go-getting attitude of the bank as it targets high growth and doubling its book this year

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60 seconds with... Martin Gilsenan sales director, Omni Capital

16 April 2014 | By Robert Thickett

“The ripple effect is seeing significant increases in property values in many areas of London, particularly in zones two to three”

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Caption Competition

16 April 2014

SimplyBiz Mortgages head Martin Reynolds presents Precise Mortgages’ Roger Morris with the prize for best buy-to-let lender at the SimplyBiz Annual Awards


The Mortgage Mole

16 April 2014

”If you also took part in the London Marathon, please get in touch and let Mole know your time”

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Caption Winner

16 April 2014

‘Not that chandelier, Rodney, you plonker.’


Media Spotlight: Liar's Poker - Michael Lewis

16 April 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Following the launch of Michael Lewis’ latest book ‘Flash Boys’ Devraj Ray reviews the author’s debut novel from 1989, which took the world of finance by storm.

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Could valuation delays stop the market reaching £195bn gross lending this year, as predicted by the CML?

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